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Why do we forget?

Every time I begin to tell this story, our story, that question always comes to my mind.

And still today, at the doorway to a new millennium, I am still incapable of an answer.

We lost everything, in an instance, what was ours was snatched away, drowning us in the darkness of our own knowledge.

Like tears forgotten in the vast ocean of history, we advanced through a path of uncertainty, ignorant of our condition, while the world that we had created collapsed around us.

Was that our sentence?

Or our salvation?

Keith Khaiel Sith

GM Notes: Anything and everything is liable to be changed by respective owners and the GM. Though because I’m me and I like pictures I like to have pictures on characters, so if they don’t have one I will give them one. Feel free to change them, and if for some reason you can’t, upload the pic someone else and send it to me or give me a link and I will do it.

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